The Rats of MiMedx are All Turning on Each Other!

T.Scott Peterson has been fired!

I guess when you spread False takeover stories on MiMedx and threaten whistleblowers, even Northland Securities can’t tolerate that behavior. I am happy to have a hand in exposing this.

There will be a BIG UPDATE on Monday, so keep your eyes open.

This Indicted Doctor is on the MiMedx Medical Advisory Board

MiMedx Medical Studies should not be relied upon given the significant undisclosed conflicts of interest. The below screenshot is from the bottom of his study.

He also did a much touted Epifix Study linked HERE!

In June, he was arraigned and accused of conspiracy to defraud the United States and three counts of healthcare kickbacks. Read more about his indictment HERE, HERE and HERE!

David Coles, This is Going on Under your Watch.

You are either a puppet for the Board and Parker Petite, or you are negligent in your duties as CEO. There is no reason to get blamed  for Parker’s bad deeds! I recommend you come clean with investors and stop with the cover-up! I also recommend you 8k the reason why Parker and Taylor were fired. Please click here to read the letters I have sent to Coles and the FDA.