“The Alder Lane Farm Sunshine Act”

Shining a Bright Light on the Doctors MiMedx is Paying to Hype Their Products with Bogus Claims

If you thought Insys speaker programs were bad, MiMedx makes them look tame!

More on Dr. Hawkins:

Speaking at MiMedx AND taking the family to Disneyland…if you are going to sporting events and Disneyland, how do you use so much Epifix? Do you work 24 hours a day?

You are a greedy scum bag and on the take from MiMedx. How can you live with yourself? You should tell your patients how much you are being paid.

The Sunshine Act is here to expose this kind of graft! Parker, you are NOT above the law.

Dr. John Roy Senatore

Why are you touting MiMedx stock and bad mouthing the skeptics? How much have you been paid? Isn’t doing the Amniofix study at your hospital, a  significant conflict

Senatore’s hospital, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, is involved in MiMedx’s vaunted Plantar Fasciitis trial for the injectable.

How unethical are you Dr. Senatore and why do you care? You should withdraw from the study ASAP.

Yet he chirps critics on Twitter…

Dr. Som  Kohanzadeh,  Dr. David Pougatsch, and (the one that started it all): Dr. Lee Rogers

All three are paid consultants for MiMedx and avid users of Epifix and MiMedx products. The below seems suspicious, doesn’t it?

Click here and here to see more about their work with the wound institute. And here to see their work with MiMedx and EpiFix.

Also! Pete claims to be a staunch Georgia Republican and has raised money for Donald Trump, Tom Price, and Johnny Isakson among others. Why then would Pete and his wife, Janet, donate a combined $5,200 to the primary campaign for a Democrat representing a congressional district in California? What could possibly be the MOTIVE behind this donation other than to bribe another doctor? Click here to see Pete’s donation to Rogers’ campaign.

Below is an excerpt from Rogers’ Wikipedia page

Political endeavors
Rogers, a Democrat, ran for US Congress in California’s 25th district.[16] He lost after giving incumbent
Congressman Buck McKeon a strong challenge.[17] After speculation that Congressman Buck McKeon will retire
in 2014,[18] Rogers announced his candidacy for the seat again[19] and was endorsed by the Los Angeles Times.[20]
Two Republicans edged out Rogers in California’s new top two primary for the run off in the June 2014 election.
Rogers endorsed Republican Steve Knight over Republican Tony Strickland which drew criticism from the
Democratic Party,[21] but Rogers stated, “I didn’t create the rules and I care too much about our district to let it fall
to a dishonest carpetbagger who is interested only in himself, like Tony Strickland.”[22] He later withdrew his
endorsement of Knight over his refusal to ban the sale of the Confederate Flag in the California Capital

It’s interesting that Dr. Rogers wrote in an article that stated “the Sunshine Act could hinder podiatric education in the future.” Click here to read more about his attempt to cover up the money he receives from corporations.

Dr. Matthew Garoufalis

He is the Associate Chief of the Podiatry Section at Jesse Brown and Hines VA Medical Centers. Dr. Garoufalis is a past president of the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association and of the American Podiatric Medical Association. He is the current Vice President of the International Federation of Podiatrists.

How much has MiMedx bribed you Dr. G? Click here to read more.

Does a VA DOC pay his own way to Florence, Italy to tout MiMedx products?
Dr. G, back on May 4th at a company sponsored symposium:

How much have you been paid in cash and stock from MiMedx?  Based on information and belief, Advanced [Garoufalis company] billed insurance companies over $300,000.00 for services it performed for which no accounting has been provided. Click here to read more. How can you sleep at night pushing this? Have you no shame? No wonder you are attached to the hip of Parker Petite.

Click here to watch a video of Dr. G sponsored by MiMedx.

Dr. Hawkins.

How much have you been paid by MiMedx?

Dr. Ko

Dr. Ko, has been a “consultant” for MiMedx for 6 years while working at the Bronx VA.

Dr. Ko, care to share what MiMedx pays you as a “consultant”? Just money? Or money AND stock?

I wonder if the government is concerned that this could be a conflict of interest?

You would think the VA would be concerned with their Doctors taking “unreported compensation” from MiMedx.