Spinelogix, How Frank Braly Loved Thee!

Those familiar with this website know all about the “Dirty” MiMedx Reps. First and foremost, Frank Braly.  Frank had numerous  side jobs other than MiMedx, including Spinelogix, whose website now has gone dark. Spinelogix.com no longer exists and I wonder how long Frank lasts at Mimedx. Check out the Spinelogix LLC filing HERE.

David Coles, if you want to even attempt to clean up the rats nest you are CEO of, then Braly, Cashman, Blocker, Haden, Palmer, Andolino, Ball, Sutherland, Carlton, Cuntz, and Schultze need to walk the plank. And soon!

Parker the Barker fired numerous employees for selling competitive products. Bonus question Mr. Coles: how many millions of said products has Braly sold?