Shady Dealings at MiMedx

This looks to be impossible to explain without some form of Medicare/Medicaid Fraud attached to it.

Clearly large sizes are more profitable but not used that often. Why would you try to defraud the government? Good business acumen?

I wonder how many 7×7’s were shipped to the Greenville, SC CBOC (community based outpatient clinic) on March 31st 2016? My guess would be around 30. Or exactly 30. That would equate to $182,491.80…on the last day of the quarter. Kickbacks? Yes. Proven. Kickbacks to buy the ability to Channel stuff their shelves?? There is more to today’s story. What outpatient wound care center would ever use 7×7’s like that in a reasonable amount of time??? Great question for any one of the managers that had access to the shipping reports from 2016. I’d be will to bet you won’t find POs for them. I’d also be willing to bet that if you look at the bigger consultants MdXG was paying (i.e. Garfoulis), they would be the same locations that got shipped 15, 20, or 30 7×7’s the last 5 days of the each quarter.

7x7s VA pricing = $6083.06
15 7x7s = $91,245.90
30 7x7s = $182,491.80
The shipping reports don’t show what sizes are shipped, just dollar amount shipped to what location. If you have anyone that has those shipping reports, you will see the pattern of the numbers listed above (note that the numbers above are without the 9% commission that Avkare received).