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One thought on “Join the many who have come forward.”

  1. Hi Marc,

    First of all, big fan of your work. I’ve been following the Mimedx story with interest since last December and am anxiously awaiting these crooks getting what’s coming to them. I was reading the 14A filing that Fraser Perring linked to on Twitter this morning, and got to the part about severance compensation. It looks like the total severance for Petit, Taylor and Senken in cash amounts to ~$6.0mm (math is in the “Benefits upon a Change in Control” section using 2017 target cash comp numbers). The clawback section Mr. Perring highlighted only talked about a clawback once the financials are restated and the excess comp can be determined. With all the other shady shit going on at Mimedx, is it ridiculous to believe that the company wouldn’t have just paid out Petit, Taylor and Senken in cash with the “expectation” of clawing it back later? It would amount to around 20% of the cash on hand as of their last filing, and could really blow a hole in their ability to operate going forward. Would love to hear your take. Keep up the good fight.

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