Read about MiMedx on the Front Page of the Wall Street Journal Today. Parker Petite should be in Prison and the Board Needs to Resign at Once!

Tom Tierney, Mary Armstrong and Robyn Scott are heroes!  Tierney went to MiMedx management and confronted the company about the fact that they were using SLR to obtain bogus revenue and engaging in illegal kickbacks. His reward for being a good, law-abiding citizen and exposing the obvious illegal practices at MiMedx was wrongful termination! MiMedx Management was blatantly lying about the existence of missing consignment tissue and when Tierney said he refused to take part in this fraudulent channel-stuffing scheme, they fired him and warned him against ever exposing their secrets. Tierney did everything right. Parker Petite should be in jail and the board of MiMedx should resign immediately! Click here to read the suit Tierney is bringing against MiMedx.