Petite Parker’s history of selling to dead people

When an audience member at the JP Morgan conference pointed out Parker’s history of “selling to dead people,” Parker had no answer, only muttering “This is how ridiculous this nonsense is.”

When Viceroy proved his involvement in Matria’s illegal conduct of selling to dead people, Parker also had a similar non-response:

The discrediting of the Viceroy Report Part 13 is very simple. As usual, they have amassed a tremendous amount of publically available financial and business information on Matria Healthcare. However, they either do not understand this information or they purposely misrepresent their hypotheses on such information to make their fallacious “conclusions.” The report is full of confused conclusions, misinformation and in some cases lies. There is no impact of this report on MiMedx because of Viceroy’s inability to draw correct and reasonable conclusions from financial and business information.

Parker’s “argument” is nothing more than an empty ad hominem. His history of selling to dead people is well documented fact.

Parker and his management team have a track record as bad actors which they have continued at MiMedx.

Parker has still not answered the question about who he has given shares as “advisors” and “independent contractors.”

This question needs to be answered.

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