Parker Petite Tried to Silence Me

The FBI and DOJ stiff-armed my requests to learn the truth about whether and how Pete Petit used the influence he had with former Senator Isakson to send two FBI agents to my home to falsely accuse me of threatening Petit – and to tell me I better stop tweeting or there would be “consequences.”

The tidbits of information the FBI revealed showed just how a major contributor (like Petit) to a politician (like Isakson) can distort the law enforcement process, so that someone talking about misconduct at a public company is told to keep quiet.  Since that December 2017 day when the FBI agents came to my home, Petit and his COO have been indicted for accounting fraud, the DOJ has settled False Claims Act cases against MiMedx for millions of dollars, MiMedx has paid a large fine to the SEC, and the FDA has issued notices of violations yet again.

I won’t be surprised if more criminal charges are filed against Petit.  But in any event I still want to learn the truth about how Petit used his power and influence to threaten me.

I filed the attached complaint under the Freedom of Information Act to get at the truth.

Read the full complaint here.