I have said that MiMedx is the biggest perpetrator of fraud I have seen in my career and today’s news only reinforces that view! It makes little sense that the two finance execs would depart, leaving the senile CEO in place, other than to try and keep a short term bid in the stock.

Bribes, Kickbacks, Channel Stuffing, Medicare/Medicaid Fraud, Lying to the FDA and the VA is just the tip of the iceberg. “Marc if I lie in a Press Release, I can go to Jail” claimed Parker Petite at the JP Morgan Conference in January. Well, 6 years of Financials that YOU signed off on should and hopefully will land you in prison, little fella.
The fact that MiMedx could only find the former and disgraced CFO of my old nemesis Concordia is the cherry on top of all of this. Borkowski has no shame and would work for Al Capone if he could make a buck! My bet is MiMedx will be bankrupt by Labor Day and Parker Petite will be gone by 4th of July! Check out a video of me talking about it below: