Business is so bad at MiMedx and the company is so out of control under David Coles’ complete lack of leadership, that MDXG is having to discard/throw away 100s (if not 1000s) of donated placentas.

This falls on Debbie Dean who continues to “spy” for Parker Petite. One of her jobs is “Placenta Procurement,” which, of course, she has failed at miserably.

Northside Hospital in Atlanta will, I am sure, be livid when they realize this. I plan on contacting them in the New Year with this news.

Women are forced to jump through hoops and have been defrauded into believing that their organs are used to help people. This is another FALSE NARRATIVE told by MiMedx.

Please stop the fraud NOW, David Coles, and FIRE the employees responsible for these and other unacceptable issues at MiMedx. If you want a list you know where to find me.