MiMedx is like Advanced Biohealing 2.0, But Worse

“We don’t get paid, if you don’t get paid” … “due to our error”

What Kind of Medicare/Insurance Fraud is MiMedx trying to pull off here?

MiMedx is following in ABH’s footsteps. Don’t believe me?
Click here to take a look at the full Qui Tam lawsuit. You’ll see it’s exactly what MiMedx is doing with reimbursements. They also hired 75 former ABH Sales Reps. Who were “vetted” by Parker.

How is the “dermagraft reimbursement hotline” any different from what MiMedx is doing?

If the below is true, why is BCBS paying for AmnioFix? Click here to read the full BCBS medical policy.