In final desperate act, Parker influences FBI to coerce critics

Bloomberg reports about Parker the Barker’s attempt to use the FBI as his own personal gestapo to coerce me from exposing the fraudulent and illegal activities at MiMedx.

I will NOT be silenced.

The FBI agents sent as Parker’s henchmen to invade my home:

  • had no warrant
  • admitted I was NOT the subject of any investigation
  • refused to leave a business card
  • refused to show complete credentials
  • threatened me to return “with consequences” if I didn’t shut up
  • and wouldn’t leave until I called the sheriff, whose report can be found here 

Please click here for the full letter my lawyer sent the FBI.

Is it the proper role of the FBI to suppress a whistleblower exposing the corrupt criminal acts of a man who calls himself “The Donald Trump of Georgia?”

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