Fired Female Employee Sues MiMedx Over Sexual Discrimination

Mimedx Should Change It’s Symbol to ME2

Just when you think the Crackers at MiMedx couldn’t stoop any lower, this lawsuit gets filed. Thornton Kuntz and Lexie Haden should be fired on the spot for this kind of behavior! Meagan would not succumb to MiMedx pressure to stuff the channel or engage in illegal activity, so they fired a pregnant woman after invading her privacy. How low can you scumbags go? I applaud Meagan Maxwell for filing this suit. For this to happen in 2018 is disgusting and hopefully the MSM picks up on this. Read the full complaint HERE.

Meagan Maxwell is not the first woman who I’ve heard was subject to discrimination and abuse. I am sure many more will come forward with stories and/or lawsuits.