Conflicted AmnioFix Study

‏Mimedx trials and science are tainted by conflicts and questionable payments. Here is a description of why any data about AmnioFix Injectable should not be relied upon. It’s unclear whether the study is ongoing and who has been incentivized to produce “results” not disclosed under the Sunshine Act. There is also a pattern of adverse events being destroyed or covered up, but when you dont report under the Sunshine Act, this is what happens. The Sunshine Act forces companies to make payments public. It’s time to disclose how much everyone in this study has been paid in a both stock and cash!

What’s the status of the study?

This is VOO-DOO and the results CAN’T be trusted.

Read more about the worst offenders  HERE.

Some (like Dr. Senatore and Dr. Garoufalis) should be familiar from the Sunshine Act!