CEO Parker H. Petit, CFO Senken and MiMedx management are knowingly deceiving investors and just lie when challenged

We are aware of MiMedx paying significant undisclosed kickbacks to physicians.

We WILL name names.

It’s best to come forward and turn yourself in before you’re disgraced.

No questions on this website, Viceroy Research, or Aurelius Value have been even remotely addressed.

Petite Parker wants investors to think the email I received from a current MiMedx employee that I sent to him in my still unanswered letter from October is somehow “fraudulent” and written by an “illegal short seller,” but Parker offers no evidence of any kind.

Bernie Madoff got away with his scheme for years, so “if I were guilty they would have got me by now” is not a convincing excuse to avoid answering difficult questions.

Since Parker is knowingly deceitful, MiMedx needs an independent reputable law firm to conduct an investigation and dig the answers out of him.

Why was Tom Price at the MiMedx presentation? Did MiMedx compensate him?

If you have credible information about healthcare providers, politicians, or others receiving kickbacks in stock or otherwise, please share your story.

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