CEO Parker and CFO Senken lie about share count without reading safe harbor

At the JP Morgan Healthcare conference in San Francisco on January 10, 2018, CEO Parker and friends were asked some tough questions about share count. In response, they chose to LIE ABOUT THEIR OWN FINANCIAL STATEMENTS rather than answer the question.

You’ve issued 1.4 million shares of restricted stock since the end of 2016 which is unexplained in your filings. That’s not stock issued to executives, employees, or consultants for share based compensation or stock issued for services performed because those are separate line items. So were those stock issued to

-pay for MiMedx product

-induce MiMedx sales

-factor MiMedx receivables

-or if not where did they go?

Instead of answering the question, both CEO Parker and CFO Senken shouted “your figures are incorrect,” which is an OUTRIGHT LIE.

Did they lie to cover up shares issued to, for example, Tom Price, in attendance at MiMedx’s presentation:

Please note MiMedx management failed to read the safe harbor disclaimer, making their LIE to investors about a material amount of shares particularly problematic.

Since the SEC is asking Parker questions “EVERY DAY,” they should demand to see all MiMedx shares issued, who they were issued to, for what, whether they were used as collateral for a loan, and what they have done with them since.

MiMedx needs an internal investigation by an independent and reputable law firm not Parker’s “friend from Georgia Tech,” which even Parker admits is “fair,” while continuing to refuse do it.

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