California Workers Comp is Being De- Frauded by Covering Amniofix Injectable

It’s time for them to stop covering this DANGEROUS UNAPPROVED DRUG!

I’ve been racking my brain over the recent comment: “Amniofix is covered by Workers Comp” a government funded entity. So I looked into it. No such coverage exists in the Workers Comp treatment guidelines (linked here). So here’s the deal, the difference between paid and covered is: providers get paid for all services and materials billed, but when the utilization review denies a service, it’s usually the unsuspecting patient that’s stuck with these costs.
Jerrica Hawkins (the wife of Brandon Hawkins of Alder Lane Sunshine Act fame) tweeted that her husband bills California Workers Comp for Amniofix Injections. Since Amniofix is an unapproved drug with zero indications, I will be reporting this abuse to the organization below. Thank you, Jerrica, for the insight. I didn’t think anyone would be this stupid or greedy. Glad she can vacation and shove it in everyone’s face. At least say thank you to the taxpayers! Read more here. 
ALSO, there was at least one clinic in Texas also billing Amniofix Injectable to Workers Comp in 2016 under the wrong code (for implant) that got denied. I wonder how often it was just paid.